Discover The Dwarika's Nepal's Immersive Offerings

Step into the heart of heritage and luxury at Dwarika's Nepal, where each moment is a tapestry woven with the threads of tradition and modern sophistication.


Indulge in a spectrum of extraordinary experiences, where each journey is crafted to immerse you in the beauty of nature, spirituality, and celebratory moments.


Embark on an eco-organic journey: Discover sustainable living amidst nature's bounty

In-house eco-organic farm visit (One and Half Hour Walk – One Way)

USD 60 per person


Hike to Namo Buddha (Approx. 3 Hours One Way)

Spiritual interaction with Buddhist Monks & blessing ceremony

Up to 2 pax: USD 150 per person

Group Rate (More than 2 pax): USD 125 per person


Immerse in Nepal's cultural tapestry, sacred rituals & spiritual resonance for an unforgettable celebration.

Graha Shanti Navagraha Puja I Rudri Puja I Hawan Puj

Each ritual: USD 250


Celebrate your anniversary with a divinely mystical celebration & let the universe bear witness to your everlasting love and promise.

USD 250


Immerse in the magic of Dwarika's Nepal - where every experience is a journey into the extraordinary. Book your sensorial escape now.

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