A Showcase of Amsterdam's Rich Legacy

Debuting amidst Amsterdam's 750th-anniversary celebrations, De L’Europe Amsterdam proudly introduces 't Huys—a curated collection of suites housed within an entire wing of the hotel. Crafted over years of meticulous planning, 't Huys features 14 suites, each meticulously designed by prominent Dutch talents in art, style, and luxury, ushering in a novel era of hospitality in the Dutch capital.

Ronald van der Kemp


A vibrant hub of sustainable couture, where work and creativity collide amidst cascading fringing and bespoke art.

The Media Nanny


A sensory journey of feminine flair and rock-and-roll vibes, with a vinyl music station and a wall-of-fame showcasing iconic artists.

Salle Privée


Retro luxury curated by Salle Privée, featuring mid-century design objects and a selection of signature scents.

Harper’s Bazaar


Epitome of elegance and sophistication, with luxurious amenities and personalized services inspired by the iconic fashion magazine.

Wolfi Pictures


A cinematic adventure in a suite designed by Dutch film stars, featuring an in-room cinema and a boutique viewing room with Art Deco-inspired decor.

Van Gogh Museum


The world of Vincent Van Gogh with a private gallery showcasing interpretations of his masterpieces and museum editions of personal letters and sketches.

Valerie van der Werff


A realm of endless inspiration with lush interiors curated by magazine maven and designer Valerie van der Werff.



Serenity amidst the bustling city in a suite designed for tranquility and relaxation by D/DOCK.

Sisters Janssen


Artistry and inclusivity in a dynamic suite divided into Mirror Of The Soul and The Womb, designed to evoke reflection and comfort.

The Ravestijn Gallery


A private art exhibition in your bedroom, featuring works by contemporary photographers curated by gallery experts.

Amsterdam Fashion Week


A world of fashion with a suite curated by acclaimed stylist Danie Bles, celebrating couture and creativity.

Bibi van der Velden


Stunning views of the Amstel River surrounded by unexpected materials and shapes in a suite designed by Dutch jeweller Bibi van der Velden.

Kokke House


Refined sophistication inspired by iconic KOKKE House designs from the collections of prestigious museums.



Celebrating the art of travel and impeccable hospitality by the gloobles.

Experience the essence of Amsterdam's rich legacy and creative spirit in ' Huys at De L’Europe. From sustainable couture to cinematic adventures and beyond, each suite offers a unique narrative crafted by leading Dutch talents. Immerse yourself in luxury, culture, and unparalleled comfort as you embark on a journey through Amsterdam's premier suite collection.


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